Bando MIUR StartUp- D.D. 13 marzo 2013 n. 436 prot. n. 436/Ric.
Totale progetto: 853K€

Folkture platform supports the fruition and certification of the Intangible Cultural Heritage. The project aims to improve the experience of fruition of local immaterial culture and experiment with ICT solutions. They are useful for a mediamorfosi of show-events in creative incubators of stories in which ancient knowledge dialogues with contemporary ones, are preserved and at the same time handed down, in the right balance between historicity, innovation and creativity. The mobile app developed proposes an innovative standard of use of cultural heritage and social interaction. It provides useful services to tourism and institutions for the optimization of the logistic, management and economic policies of the administrations and institutions involved in the organization of cultural events. There is an interactive map to discover cultural points of interest, cataloged, georeferenced and documented in multimedia cards, a decision support system for the development of personalized travel guides, information on public mobility services, a social area with updates in real time on the cultural event. Moreover, through augmented reality technologies, the app implements gamification logics aimed at stimulating interaction between users and the use of points of interest.