Smart Agricolture

The design and implementation of the "AGRI - Agriculture: Management, Savings and Innovation" system is based on the competences on the acquisition and processing of data coming from heterogeneous sources and the optimized representation of information useful to the user.

AGRI is a monitoring and decision support system intended for farms, capable of implementing a management strategy for viticulture which, thanks to the use of technology, aims at improving agronomic interventions.

The system consists of a wireless network of sensors for monitoring the environmental and micro-pedoclimatic conditions of the field and a dashboard for consulting the data. All this makes it an ideal tool for mandatory integrated defense (according to the elements defined in Annex III of Directive 2009/128 /C).

In fact, AGRI implements the viticulture management strategy, thanks to complex algorithms based on agronomic models, providing risk indicators for the prevention of fungal diseases and the calculation of water requirements. Through its innovative dashboard, AGRI allows the display of information 24 hours a day, even from mobile devices, integrating weather forecasts and field vigour maps.

The data historicisation offers support to the winegrower in managing the vineyard and planning future activities and interventions, with a view to continuous improvement from the point of view of environmental impact. In essence, AGRI accompanies the winegrower in the development of sustainable viticulture both from an ecological-environmental point of view and from an economic point of view, by reducing the use of plant protection products and the conscious modulation of irrigation interventions.

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