Research Activities 

Definition of decision support models for the remote management of unmanned vehicles with particular reference to data processing aimed at obstacle avoidance through data fusion techniques on heterogeneous data sources.

Systems for supervision and cooperative coordination of vehicle fleets

Damage Control Management System

The system for the damage control and management, which allows the supervision of critical system elements. It deals with the acquisition, processing and optimized representation of data from thousands of sensors and actuators.

Decision Support System

It integrates information on compartments and their contents, sensors and actuators, and it indicates to the crew the correct management and implementation of operating procedures. It provides the information needed to meet emergency protocols in situations of high risk (fire, flooding, etc.) and to simplify operational access to emergency tools.

On Board Stability System

This system allows to calculate the asset of the ship based on loads, information coming from the level sensors and the possible presence of leaks or flooded compartments.

Simulation Stability System

It supports the crew in verifying hypothetical scenarios with a large degree of freedom.


Re-engineering of on board automation systems by proposing architectures to reduce single points of failure.

Re-engineering of field information (sensors and actuators) collector management software with particular focus on fire prevention and control systems.

Fields of Interest



Aquaculture and Aquaponic

Water Networks


Digital Cultural Heritage

Internet of Things

Industry 4.0

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Smart Agricolture

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